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Sitting proud AT the EDGE OF THE BAY

The Seven Oaks development is situated on the western side of Whangamata Bay.

It is an easy stroll down to the beach and the popular W2K (Whakaipo to Kinloch) and K2K mountain bike trails are right on your doorstep.


The Kinloch Village is also within walking distance and is host to a selection of cafes, parks, and the beautiful Kinloch Marina.

Kinloch Living

Kinloch is a popular holiday place for locals and tourists to enjoy. Only a short 15 minute drive from the Taupo town centre, this charming community is the perfect picturesque spot for a lakeside picnic lunch, a dip in the fresh lake water, a spot of trout fishing or a meander around the pretty Kinloch Marina. Be sure to grab a coffee and a bite to eat from the popular local café, walking distance from the lake’s edge.

The great lake taupo region

Welcome to the Great Lake Taupo Region where the air bristles with a fresh vitality and the snow-touched mountains defy the minuscule efforts of mankind to shape the land.

Wherever you go around Lake Taupo, nature reminds you that she is in charge here, extending her royal domain in every direction as far as the eye can see. 

For more information on the Taupo region visit the official website below.

Getting there

Kinloch is only a short 20 minute drive from the Taupō town centre.

A picturesque village set on a quiet bay near the top of Lake Taupo, Kinloch is an in-the-know hideaway, particularly for keen golfers and mountain bikers.